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F*ck, That’s Delicious

F*ck, That’s Delicious

Buch,Essen,Haushalt,Schöner Wohnen

„This book is a map of the inside of Bronson’s brain. Starting with his version of Proust’s madeleine, the ‚bagel with cheese, ‚ and then traveling down the THC-intensified paths of desire to include cheap street foods in the five boroughs of NYC to exotica found on his pilgrimages across the planet . . . This magnificent tome is filled with both the recognizable and the perplexing. And, best of all, I can make it at home and so can you. . . . This is a book that is at once a testament to a wild palate, to a man with a gastronomic vision, to a hip-hop artist of the top of the top category, and a student of life with legendary curiosity. Bronson is the Leonardo da Vinci of pop culture’s multi-cosmic, infinitely overstimulated, twenty-first century children of the handheld devices. At the very same moment all this is swirling around in your head, on your tongue, throughout every single muscle of your dancing, jumping being, you realize . . . F*ck!!! This is delicious.“–Mario Batali

„F*cking professional musician, entertainer, beloved individual, heralded human, forever chef.“–Action Bronson

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F*ck, That’s Delicious